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PrescriptionBD transforms your computer and smartdevices into a digital prescription pad!
This tiny prescription writing tool allows you to manage/use/access/research your patients medical records/history online from anywhere,anytime! Now its time to reform your workplace to computer & internet based digital chamber and be a smart tech savvy doctor by saying GOOD BYE to pen and hand written prescription!
You can connect online to your other chambers located anywhere in the country to serve your monthly follow up patients through telemedicine session using this awesome software with skype/3G mobile video calls! So don't travel to your remote chamber for a week and spend more time with family and enjoy your own life!
As a doctor feel proud to be a real HERO by serving your own village people and they will be more happy to get telemedicine service with printed digital prescription on your prescription pad. The logistic support of computer, printer,internet and Skype from Union Parishod/Union Information Service Center(UISC) and Community Clinic in your village can make this happen!
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